The Natural Mechanism Of The Spiritual Worlds And Protection Against The Sitra Achra (Evil)

Contrary to popular opinion, we are all in contact with the spiritual worlds on a constant basis

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As we gather today for this intriguing journey, I extend a warm welcome to each of you to our 8th session. This class, while chilling in its exploration of the paranormal phenomena surrounding the spiritual realms, aims not to scare but to enlighten and empower you in your spiritual journey.

Part I: Understanding the Paranormal and the Sitra Achra

Our focus today delves deep into the “strange” and often misunderstood aspects of the spiritual realms and their manifestations in the physical world. This journey, however, is not just about acquiring knowledge. It’s about equipping you with the tools necessary to protect yourselves against the Sitra Achra – the side of evil that lurks in these realms.

The Sitra Achra from a Kabbalistic Viewpoint

To some, the concept of the Sitra Achra may seem bewildering. Let’s define it from a Kabbalistic perspective. If you have questions or need clarity on any point, feel free to use the Q&A button or email me directly. Remember, understanding often requires a broader perspective of the entire system.

The Concept of Light and Vessels in Kabbalah

At the core of our discussion is the Kabbalistic concept of Light and Vessels. Imagine the light needing to fill a vessel – this is akin to us receiving ideas or benefits. It’s a spiritual principle, in which the vessel represents the more tangible aspect of the light. When Hashem created the world, He created numerous vessels to contain His Light, for future beings to receive.

However, these vessels were intentionally made fragile. Overwhelmed by the excess light, they shattered – a metaphor for our own limitations, like attempting to fast for several days. This breaking was part of Hashem’s divine plan. The shattered pieces fell to lower spiritual worlds. Our role, through Torah study, Mitzvot, prayer, and good deeds, is to elevate these shards back to their source, thereby rectifying them.

Free Will, Reward, and Punishment

This entire process underscores a fundamental principle of our existence: the necessity of free will, leading to reward or punishment. As Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (the Ramchal) explains, without this, the ultimate purpose of life – to delight in Hashem – would be unattainable.

The lower shards possess a spark of energy, a ‘Nitzotz’, ensuring their survival. Awaiting rectification, they inadvertently empower the Sitra Achra. This evil force is also termed ‘Klippot’ (husks in Hebrew), acting as barriers to the inner spark. Like the peel of a fruit, they are both protective and obstructive.

Our Role in Disempowering Evil

A vital perspective to remember is that the Sitra Achra thrives on a lack of Tikkun (rectification). Our Mitzvot and acts of Teshuva remove these empowering sparks from evil, redirecting them towards the Malkhut D’Kedusha (Kingdom of Holiness), as taught by Rebbe Nachman.

It’s crucial to understand that in Judaism, divine justice and a divine Judge govern our world. Nothing occurs by chance. Often, people face consequences as part of this system of justice. At times, Hashem’s removal of His protection allows the Sitra Achra to act.

The Four Spiritual Worlds and Their Significance

Our spiritual landscape comprises four main worlds: Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah, and Assiyah. Atzilut is the divine realm, currently beyond our reach. The last, Assiyah, is closest to us, with both spiritual and physical aspects. However, being furthest from Atzilut, it is shadowed with darkness, largely dominated by evil, despite the presence of goodness and noble deeds.

there's a mechanism behind the spiritual worlds

Part II: Defining the spiritual worlds and its dangers

We exist in a vast sea of spirituality, omnipresent yet largely invisible to our physical eyes. This unseen dimension is not merely a mystical concept but a reality that envelopes us, explaining why the spiritual worlds remain largely hidden from our sight.

Accessing the Energy Realms

The spiritual worlds are realms of energy, accessible through the expansion of our consciousness. Spirits, too, exist as ethereal forms of energy, reachable through the development of our spiritual faculties. This dimension of existence is not just a theoretical construct but a tangible reality for those who train their spiritual skills.

Astral Travel: A Journey Through Spiritual Worlds

A remarkable skill possessed by some even in contemporary times is Astral Travel. This involves projecting one’s consciousness into a temporary spiritual form – known as “Haluka D’Rabanan” in the Zohar or the astral/ethereal/body of light in other cultures – to traverse the spiritual worlds of Assiyah, Yetzirah, or Beriyah.

This phenomenon, akin to lucid dreaming, allows for incredible journeys, though we won’t delve deeply into its intricacies today.

Many great Kabbalists have navigated these spiritual worlds, gaining unique insights, guidance, and knowledge beyond earthly constraints. Though challenging, such skills can be developed with proper training and discipline.

The Dangers of Astral Travel

Despite its allure, astral travel is not without risks.

As Rabbi Chaim Vital warns in Etz Chayim, the world of Assiyah, likened to the belly of a snake, is predominantly evil. This evil manifests not always in malevolence but can also appear as deceit or ignorance. Dangers include encounters with deceptive entities or self-delusions of grandeur, which can lead to idolatry, as seen in the tragic case of Rabbi Yosef Della Reina.

Strong Emunah (faith) is crucial to remain unaffected by these visions and interactions.

Spontaneous Spiritual Experiences

Sometimes, individuals may spontaneously experience the spiritual realm.

This can include hearing voices, receiving alien thoughts, or even spiritual impregnation, with both benevolent and malevolent entities. Such phenomena are documented in the works of the Ben Ish Chai, Rabbi Chaim Vital, and Rabbi Yehuda Ptaya, a renowned exorcist.

Our consciousness, an energy form, plays a pivotal role in accessing the spiritual realms. Strengthening the soul, its vestments, and the aura is essential in this journey. According to Rabbi Chaim Vital, the soul comprises five parts, with most people only accessing the lowest, the Nefesh. This Nefesh has both an internal and surrounding part, the latter known as Makkif or the aura.

The Aura: A Protective and Perceptive Force

The aura, an energetic field, serves both as a protective shield and a medium for spiritual perception. It allows a constant exchange of information between the internal and external aspects of the soul. Holistic healers often detect diseases in the aura before physical manifestation, offering a chance for preemptive healing.

A weak or breached aura can become vulnerable to negative spiritual entities. These entities, similar to klippot (shells), can cause harm ranging from minor disturbances to severe possession, as evidenced in the stories of Rabbi Chaim Vital and Rabbi Yehuda Ptaya.

Understanding the intricacies of the spiritual realm and its inherent risks sets the stage for our next and crucial part of the webinar: learning how to protect ourselves.

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Part III: Protection Against Spiritual Dangers

Having explored the spiritual realms and their inherent risks, we now turn to the most critical aspect: protection. Understanding these dangers is only the first step; knowing how to shield ourselves is vital.

Teshuva and Dvekut: The Primary Shields

The most powerful protection lies in Teshuva (repentance) and Dvekut (cleaving) to Hashem. For men, immersion in a Mikvah is highly beneficial, as it cleanses the energy field and the aura – a practice also found in various Eastern traditions.

Even the holiest individuals can be vulnerable to spiritual entities. As advised by the Arizal to Rabbi Chaim Vital, avoiding places like cemeteries of the wicked, idolatrous sites, or locations of mass death is crucial. These areas are breeding grounds for malevolent spirits clinging to the physical world.

Demons often seek offerings to form a bond of servitude. As illustrated in the tragic story of Rav Yosef Della Reina, such acts, even unintentional, can sever one’s connection with Hashem and forge ties with malevolent forces. Always reject any contact with demons; they seek to use people for their purposes and are typically deceptive about their intentions.

Yichudim: Mystical Meditations for Protection

Yichudim, mystical meditations involving the Holy names of Hashem, serve as a powerful form of spiritual defense. These practices can be performed for various purposes, including wisdom, protection, or even exorcism, as detailed in the Arizal’s Sha’ar Ruach HaKodesh.

Creating an Energy Shield

For those unfamiliar with Yichudim, visualize forming an impenetrable energy shield around you. This is not mere fantasy but a potent spiritual technique that utilizes the Binah (understanding) aspect of your soul. The effectiveness of this shield depends on your belief and the frequency of reinforcement.

Reciting Tehilim (Psalms) and engaging in Torah study are effective in dispelling foreign entities. The Torah, as the source of life, holds immense power to counteract negative spiritual influences.

Beware of Giving Permission to Spirits

All protective measures are futile if one gives explicit or implicit permission for spirits to enter their life. This could happen through actions like séances, accepting cursed items, or engaging in sinful behaviors. Even seemingly minor transgressions can open the door to unwanted spiritual influences.

The Impact of Emotional States

Emotional turmoil, such as sadness, fear, jealousy, anger, or lust, can weaken the aura and invite negative entities. It’s essential to recognize that thoughts or voices experienced during such states might not be one’s own but could be influenced by external spirits.

Finding Strength in Hashem

In conclusion, the key to protection lies in drawing closer to Hashem, the source of life and blessing. By maintaining Dvekut to God and performing Teshuva, we fortify ourselves against spiritual harm. Remember, no spirit can trouble us significantly if we are anchored in our faith and connection with Hashem.

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Final Thoughts and Open Questions

I hope this session has been enlightening rather than alarming. The goal is not to instill fear but to raise awareness and encourage a closer relationship with Hashem. If you have any questions or need assistance with spiritual challenges, feel free to reach out.

Let’s use this newfound knowledge not for fear but for empowerment, always keeping Hashem at the forefront of our minds and hearts.

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Chaim is a teacher and Kabbalah enthusiast. He loves helping Jews connect with true Torah teaching and enhancing their spiritual growth. With a focus on meditation, he guides individuals on transformative journeys of prayer, contemplation, and connection with Hashem. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and kids, and is committed to sharing the wisdom and power of Kabbalah in a genuine way.

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