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Discover how Kabbalah can help you wherever you are in life. This knowledge is for everyone!

Short and Sweet

We will have weekly meetings lasting about 20 minutes.
Exact time will be confirmed.

Free of Cost

Our meetings will have no cost, are entirely free, and have no ads. Invite everyone you know!

Learn to use your
God-given powers to...

Important information!

Every Sunday new sessions!

We’re still deciding on the platform to use. The link for the meeting will be sent a few days before the webinar.

Weather Any Storm In Your Life

Ever felt stuck and without perspective to moving forward? Ever felt powerless?

Learn authentic Kabbalistic principles, techniques, meditation, prayer and a lot more to understand how to make Hashem a part of your life and tackle life’s challenges.

Jewish tradition provides actionable and proven wisdom to help you succeed in life, whether in family, business, health, children, and a lot more!

Come and see for yourself!

Why Kabbalah?

Hashem created the world with the Torah as its blueprint. Kabbalah is essentially the study of the code that underlies all of Creation. By knowing how the code operates we can access it and make changes.

We will have easy-to-understand weekly sessions in English that will give you valuable ideas to apply in life. The webinar is free, with no strings attached and open for everyone.

All the wisdom transmitted in the webinar is 100% authentic and safe.

About Chaim Apsan
Teacher Bio

Chaim is passionate about Kabbalah and has been studying it for over 7 years. He loves teaching this wonderful wisdom and seeks to deliver it in a way that is easily comprehensible and actionable. Currently he lives in Jerusalem with his wife and kids.


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