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Questions on Kabbalah

What exactly is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is a mystical and esoteric interpretation of the Torah and Talmud. It offers insights into the nature of Hashem, Creation, the soul, and the relationship between them. Kabbalah seeks to understand and describe the structure of the spiritual worlds and how individuals can achieve their Tikkun (rectification).

Can anyone learn Kabbalah?

Traditionally, Kabbalah was studied by a select group of scholars. But today the permitted parts and principles are accessible to anyone with a genuine interest in coming close to Hashem. Our blog aims to make Kabbalah approachable for readers of all backgrounds, whether you’re new to these teachings or have been studying them for years.

What about the 40 years prohibition?

This Rabbinic ban has been put in place after the Shabtai Tzvi scandal. It never really took root in Sephardic communities and was lifted completely by the Mekubal R’ Avraham Azulai.

My Rabbi said is forbidden, now what?

Your Rabbi may not be aware that many prominent and real Kabbalists throughout history have exhorted people to start learning Kabbalah due to its many benefits.

This is like going to a mechanic when you have an eye problem. Rabbis seldom know enough about every single area in the Torah to rule on it.

Shouldn't I wait until I learn all of Pshat?

There are many sources that say one should start learning Kabbalah, or at least Chassidut as soon as possible.

This is because this is desperately needed in our generation when we have so many challenges facing us.

Isn't Kabbalah dangerous?

The dangers are either:

  1. Using holy names of Hashem or of angels
  2. Having delusions of grandeur for studying it.

As with everything else, personal responsibility is vital to avoid pitfalls. If one is careful, there’s almost nothing to fear.

But maybe I will break the spiritual worlds?

A person who uses Kavanot and doesn’t go often to the Mikvah or is not pure because of keri may cause the light to go to the Sitra Achra.

I give this warning in my articles so people don’t cause any damage, but again, personal responsibility is central.

How should I start learning?

This blog is a great place. 🙂

You can start by downloading my Illustrated Book of Kabbalah here for free. You are also welcome to join our webinars here.

If you are Jewish and can understand Hebrew properly, try to buy the Otzrot Chaim. This is the foundational book every Yeshiva requires to start. I recommend the one with perushim by the Matok M’Dvash. 

Can I interview you for my podcast or youtube channel?

Possibly, contact me for more information at [email protected]

Why should I and how can I support your work?

My work is unique in that it makes the complex wisdom of Kabbalah (mostly) accessible in a way that people can put it to action. That’s the goal of this website.

If you feel like supporting my work, check out my services or make a general donation so I can reach more people.


No, Kabbalah is essentially the inner exposition of the Torah.  Many traditions have taken Kabbalah to expound their precepts or distort it. While there may be some commonalities that can be found because Kabbalah is a self-evident truth, It is eminently a Jewish type of study.

No. Kameot are dangerous, and “ceremonies” are not a thing in Kabbalah.

All my services are listed in the support page.

This is a loaded question. One who has reached the level of being called a Mekubal will never say he’s one. If he says yes, he definitely isn’t. If he says no, then possibly. I consider myself an enthusiast at best.

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