Sparks Of Light Webinar #7 – The Kabbalah Of Money

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Let’s explore in this article the concept of Kabbalah of money

Freely transcribed: Whether we like it or not, money is a crucial part of our lives. It is said that the holy Baal Shem Tov used to sleep without money with him at all.

A Kabbalistic Principles And The Secrets Of Parnassa (sustenance) With Segulot and Yichudim

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Many people are looking for the definitive solution to their parnassa that will finally make their lives easier

It’s hard to think of a more elusive topic as parnassa. Many people turn to segulot such as saying parashat haman and tefillah for parnassa several times, doing Perek Shira 40 days, or anything else, when it could that the “magic blocks” are somewhere else.

Jewish Meditation for Beginners: How to increase your Soul Power

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Jewish Meditation is one of the topics that were obscured and reserved for people with “nothing better to do”. But is it so?

Ever wondered why and how to meditate?

Is it something restricted for hippies, monks and clerics, or can everyone benefit from it?

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