6 undeniable proofs of the divinity of the Torah: how to debate an atheist

Let’s play a fun imagination game to prove the divinity of the Torah.

Suppose you reach the majestic milestone of 200 years of life, fresh and young, thanks to modern technology and science. You visited every country in the world (and wrote your name in their monuments), learned every language, and tried, quite literally, every pleasure in the world.

And look at that now! You still have 200 more years to go before you pass away from this world.

Quite a boring prospect, right?

But luckily, you acquire a magical library containing ALL the books ever written by mankind and an unlimited amount of food (and coffee). Which means, there’s really nothing interesting for you out there anymore since you tried and tasted pretty much everything (including visiting Pluto, kind of “meh”).

Now, you decide to spend the rest of your life reaching for – wait for it – … the TRUTH.

Ah, how fun would it be that now you can, without interruption, see which religion is the real one (if any), who has the right God and in where TRUTH is really found.

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What constitutes it? Who decides what’s true or not? Where did it start?

Come on, you know you want to know. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could finish the #1 dispute of mankind once and for all and write it all down?

Of course, you are going to be as objective as possible, give due consideration to and analyze all surrounding aspects of all religions, creeds and faiths, holding nothing back.

You consider yourself intellectually honest enough for the task, so why not?

Nobody’s coercing or threatening you, there’s nothing to tempt you and it would finally get to know the REAL God. That would mean from that moment onwards, you’d see who He really is, after all, reason would dictate that you’d want to score points with Him in order to get a special place in the afterlife.

Am I right?

If you’ve been following me so far, that’s great, thanks a lot!

But I will now end the game, because the conclusion can only be one and that’s:

The Torah that the Jews received some 3.300 is the word of Hashem, the Creator of the universe, and all else is human invention. That’s it, the divinity of the Torah is incontestable.

But, “how”? “Why”? And “come on, bro!” I hear you say.

It’s actually very simple.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of irrefutable, absolute (to the maximum degree of “absoluteness” we can have in this world) proofs of the divinity of the Torah that Jews. It is simply IRREPLICABLE and simply IMPOSSIBLE to have been written by any person or group of people.

In other words, it’s written by God himself, and it couldn’t have been any other way.

I bring here a few basic, rational and logical proofs of the divinity of the Torah, something no other religious book in history has.

Ready for this?

Proof #1: Absolute and impossible to be obtained, but true, statements

Two questions to ask here:

a. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the average person’s knowledge of fauna in ancient world?

b. And if you, dear reader, wanted to start your own (fake) religion, how would you acquire your following?

Starting with question A, we know there are about 5.416 species of known mammals in the world (Thanks, Rav Google). It’s safe to say that if someone was acquainted with 10% of them 3.300 years ago (the time the Torah was given), he would obviously be considered a master explorer back then.

Most people didn’t leave their village/town except for war or commerce, certainly not for a safari. Considering travel constraints back then, people’s knowledge of animals was extremely limited.

Now, as for question B, you will agree with me any intelligent person would start spreading a “revelation”, that God told him/her. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant. You would want to convince everyone that God spoke to you only because of your sterling qualities and made you His chosen.

Such an “enlightened” individual would also write a book with laws and its new religion’s all-encompassing message of love for mankind and go out to spread it.

Fair enough, right?

But one thing you WOULDN’T do for sure is to make broad, absolute statements that could be disproven by anyone. You’d be very careful not to say anything that you didn’t know with absolute certainty that were true!

Now, here’s where we answer both questions:

In listing the animals that are kosher and giving their characteristics, the Torah states that animals need to have split hooves and chew their cud (like, for example, a cow) for Jewish consumption. If they (in this case mammals) lack either one or both of these traits they are NOT KOSHER.

In what seems a completely irrelevant teaching (for practical purposes), the Torah writes that FOUR species in the ENTIRE WORLD have only ONE of these characteristics (split hooves or chew their cud) but NOT the other one!

And the four species are: the camel, the hyrax, the hare and the pig. Every one of these either chew their cud or have split hoof, but not both (making them unkosher).

Isn’t it crazy that up until TODAY, not a single species was found that breaks this rule? How could a mortal person possibly play a risky bet like this for seemingly no purpose? Who could have the knowledge to possibly declare with 100% certainty no other animal would be found breaking this rule?

That’s a bet only the One who created the world and knows everything can make.

This is the first proof of the divinity of the Torah.

Proof #2: One-time, unique and never-to-be-repeated revelation

The Revelation that happened at Sinai had no equal in the history of mankind. No less than 3 MILLION people (men, women and children) WITNESSED GOD and nowadays testify their ancestors (and themselves) were there.

All other religions had their “prophets”/sages/hermits receiving a revelation and then sharing with their followers. Their word was taken for granted and no questions were made as to its legitimacy.

With the giving of the Torah, a unique consciousness has been given to the Jewish people that would forever be perpetuated. This consciousness continued up to this when when we still celebrate all of the Festivals of Hashem like Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot.

Some would “explain” that people were high on drugs, that there was a mass hypnosis happening or something else. And suddenly, EVERYONE agreed to make up a story about what transpired for all the generations to come.

candle water flame magic

How do you convince 3 million people to follow the same script and teach their children the exact same story? There’s clearly something else here.

This brings to mind Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote:

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

Which means you simply can’t have 3 million people fool the entire world ALL THE TIME.

Proof #3: Impossible immutability over time, against all odds

The Torah has 79,976 words detailing the story of mankind, passing by the formation of the Jewish people and ending with its conquest of the Land of Israel.

Despite numerous persecutions, wars and finest human machinations in trying to modify the Torah (and trying to destroy the Jewish People), not a single WORD was changed over 3.300 years.

This is a statistical impossibility by all degrees of reasonable confidence. If we’d give any given sentence with just 12 words to someone to hold on to it, how long would it take it to be modified? One month? Maybe two? What if we give it to 100 people? Can people be trusted with a piece of knowledge and keep it intact if it wasn’t divine in and of itself?

Greater and smaller empires than the Jewish people have come and gone, their texts have all been altered (the New Testament has over 30.000 different versions), but the Torah reamined unchanged because truth never changes.

This is, again, clear proof of the divinity of the Torah.

4. Precise, algorithmically coding of historical events (Torah Codes)

Because the Torah is the will of God, and by definition everything that happens is God’s will, then all of history is encoded in it.

Names of individuals and events that came much later have been found encoded in precise letter leaps (algorithms) or in the first letter of every word of a verse in the Torah.

These are called the Bible Codes. Numerous such events, and even words coined in modern hebrew (such as the Holocaust) have been found encoded in the Torah in this way with surrounding aspects found in a very close location.

How would a charlatan (or group of charlatans), alien or AI, write a book and encode the entire history of mankind in it for no crucial reason?

The answer: he wouldn’t, because it’s beyond ANY human capacity.

The Holocaust in the bible codes

The Massacre in Paris

Obviously, dear reader, one can always be a skeptic and demand 99.99999% confidence to reach his “belief threshold”. There’s no way to prove anything with absolute certainty in this world because we don’t live in a perfect, absolute world. Only Hashem is absolute.

But consider the fact that people are willing undergo surgery, visit dangerous places or eat weird things (or even just go out of home in some cases). The chance of these actions getting people killed are certainly much higher than the “chance” of the Torah being fake.

So where’s the logic in that?

thinking philosophy questions stone statue

Proof #5: Promises of blessings from elements that cannot be controlled

We find in many places in the Torah that God would bless the land with abundance in the 6th year of the agricultural cycle if the Jews would not work the land on the 7th. Clearly, if someone (person, AI or algorithm) would’ve made such a promise, it would’ve easily already been called to question. The fact that this and MANY other promises were not even questioned (much less disproven), is another proof the Torah is of divine origin.

He also promised that with keeping the Torah, we’d be blessed, protected and live happily. The alternative is also true.

Which is uncanny if you contrast it to today’s feel-good philosophy nowadays. The acceptance of so many “restrictive” rules from the Torah is something that in itself boggles the mind. If I would create a religion, why would I prohibit so many sexual relations, foods, institute difficult rituals like fasting 5 times per year, even order people to purify their thoughts of all impure thoughts?

Yet, the promise is there, and no one questioned it, because it happened the way it was written.

Proof #6: Universal acceptance of many “absurd” concepts

Come on man, a “talking snake”?

World deluge and one family was saved in an ark?

10 plagues from Heaven?

There are simply SO MANY absurd concepts in the Torah that are written in a matter-of-fact fashion as if it’s the most natural thing that SOMEONE would’ve called it into question as well. Why has the Torah been so widely accepted if we, from nowadays, could’ve just refuted all that based on simple things? Can it be that so many people in the world just don’t the absurd in all that?

The Torah also is full of admonition of its own people, while so many other religions only have praises for them in their book. How logical is that? What cult leader would be so harsh against his own people? Yet, here it is, Moshe Rabbenu, the greatest prophet to ever have lived, rebuked the Jewish People in no uncertain terms, and then everyone accepted his book.

Not only that, but the divinity of the Torah is accepted by Christians and Muslims as well even though they say it was abrogated in favour of their book. They accept it, even thought they don’t go by it.

The fact that it’s widely accepted by so many Jews (and even non-Jews) is something that cannot be attributed to another human being, AI or alien.

And, thinking very logically, there’s only one reason a human would create a religion: power. That has always been the one and only reason people create cults and religions. And that’s something the Torah is very much trying to avoid by stating that all power comes from Hashem.

And these are only some of the proofs of the divinity of the Torah. There are tens, if not hundreds more proofs if you search the internet.

Who could fake all that?

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Chaim Apsan

Chaim is a teacher and Kabbalah enthusiast. He loves helping Jews connect with true Torah teaching and enhancing their spiritual growth. With a focus on meditation, he guides individuals on transformative journeys of prayer, contemplation, and connection with Hashem. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and kids, and is committed to sharing the wisdom and power of Kabbalah in a genuine way.

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