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The Goals

Why Choose
Executive Spiritual Coaching?

The wisdom of Kabbalah offers more than just guidance—it provides a transformative framework that changes how you think, lead, and grow, helping you materialize your vision.

By applying these timeless truths, you will be able to:

Tap into deeper intuitive insights of your soul that knows what must be done to succeed and is already seeing the future. Learn a new way of thinking beyond anything you could imagine.

Improve and harness the power of your energy to live better. Through guided meditation and Kabbalistic teachings, you will learn to channel your inner power effectively, becoming less tired, less anxious and less overworked.

Master the art of life and work balance improving your thinking, happiness and even overall health. Enhance your relationships and learn to turn challenges into opportunities through the principles of Creation.

Experience visceral personal and spiritual growth, as you explore the deeper meanings behind your work and life, leading to fulfillment beyond achievements, creativity and self-empowerment. 

You attract not what you want, but what you are

In this world, you can choose to be active or reactive. The way to rewritting your history and projecting your future is by learning the principles of Kabbalah that opens up your mind to a new reality – your reality – which you can take advantage of.

The Executive Spiritual Coaching is the next level in your journey to make conscious use of these principles in real life and empower you to succeed.

How we differ
Initial Assessment

We begin your journey with a comprehensive assessment to identify your unique challenges and goals. This foundational step ensures that the coaching is perfectly tailored to your personal and professional needs.

Authentic wisdom

Our program is grounded in the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah, drawn directly from its most trusted and ancient sources. We commit to preserving the integrity and depth of these teachings, ensuring that every insight and strategy you learn is rooted in genuine Kabbalistic principles.

1 on 1 Meetings

Engage in one-on-one meetings where you receive individualized attention and guidance to deepen your understanding and application of Kabbalistic principles. These sessions are crucial for personal reflection and targeted developmental strategies.

Ongoing Support

Receive VIP and ongoing support that helps solidify your learning and transformation. Keep in touch with Chaim Apsan via e-mail or Whatsapp to receive news, tips, and encouragement. Navigate your challenges with confidence and insight even outside our sessions.


The coach

Meet your coach

I am Chaim Apsan

As a teacher and creator of Kabbalah Empowerment, I leverage these ancient teachings to pave your way to modern leadership success.

Grounded in the wisdom Kabbalah as the ultimate blueprint of reality, I guide executives to discover their potentials and help them realize their vision.

My methodology revolutionizes traditional coaching by empowering you to tap into your soul to create the reality you want. This equips leaders not only to achieve their objectives but also to unleash their own positive impact on the world.

Join me in transcending conventional leadership norms, and embark on a transformative journey that is unlike anything you’ve seen so far.

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Actionable Wisdom

Harness the Mystical Power of Kabbalah. Each challenge is an opportunity for growth and enlightenment. Learn to channel ancient wisdom into powerful, practical strategies that turn obstacles into stepping stones toward your ultimate vision.

Reach The Extraordinary

Unveil the Secrets of Timeless Transformation. Experience a transformative journey that transcends traditional coaching by integrating the profound insights of Kabbalah with the demands of modern executive leadership. Embrace a path that not only shapes successful leaders but also pioneers of change.

Your Vision, Materialized

Dream Boldly. Achieve Bravely. We don’t just help you set goals; we help you shatter them. Envision your future with the clarity of Kabbalistic foresight and watch as your boldest dreams unfold into reality.


The wisdom

What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah teaches us the blueprint of reality, a spiritual and mystical framework that reveals the underlying structure of Creation and a map of human psyche. 

For executives, Kabbalistic wisdom transcends mere intellectual exploration—it becomes an indispensable toolkit for navigating both personal and professional challenges. The principles embedded in Kabbalistic teachings, including the dynamics of the soul, the flow of divine Lights, and the principles of energy and manifestation, helps you make better decisions, fosters next level analytical and strategic thinking, and enables your to tackle complex scenarios with enhanced insight and effectiveness.

By aligning oneself with these spiritual laws, executives are better equipped to grow in their work and life with increased creativity and stability, propelling their companies towards sustainable success.

The Path to Success Awaits
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