The Shofar: An Awesome Tale for Rosh HaShanah from the Ghetto

Shofar in the Ghetto

To which extend would Jews go to fulfill the Mitzvah of the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah?

Rosh Hashanah and the Yomim Noraim hold a special place in the hearts of Jewish people around the world. These days of awe resonate deeply, not only with those actively practicing Judaism but also with those who may only step into a synagogue during these holy days each year.

The Great Work Of Sefirat HaOmer – The Preparation For Shavuot

Sefirat HaOmer

Sefirat HaOmer is traditionally seen as a time for personal refinement, with each day maked by a specific combination of the Sefirot (divine emanations).

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding this period, so let’s learn a little about its holy Kabbalistic secrets.

The Greatness Of The Holy Ben Ish Chai, The Mekubal R’ Yosef Chaim from Baghdad

ben ish chai

The Ben Ish Chai was arguably one of the greatest Tzadikim of the past 300 years

In the annals of Jewish history, there have been few Rabbis who earned the esteemed title of “the glory of their generation,” (פאר הדור, “pe’er hador”), and Rabbi Yosef Chaim, known as the Hakham Ben Ish Chai, unquestionably stood among them.

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