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Perakim HaNivcharim


“Perakim Nevcharim” has a numerical value equal to “Pagam HaBris,” signifying the protection it offers against serious sins. It has connections to various calculations and events, such as “VaYigash 10 Teves” in the Torah portion where the Tzaddik revealed himself, and the phrase “I am Yosef.” The gematria also corresponds to “Arba HaEmahos” (Four Matriarchs), who are a source of holiness throughout generations. These chapters have gained significant traction among the Jewish people. Additionally, the gematria of “Perakim Nevcharim” matches “Rabbeinu Nachman of Breslov,” linking the revelation of these chapters to the teachings of Rabbeinu HaKadosh. Furthermore, the gematria of “Perakim Nevcharim” corresponds to the name of the Rav, “HaRav Eliezer ben Etiya v’Chaim,” with slight variation. The phrase “Perakim Nevcharim” also aligns with the concept of atonement, as it has the gematria of “Mechaperes.”

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