Noahides and The Seven Noahide Laws Easily Explained To Guide Non-Jews

Who is a Noahide and what are the Seven Noahide Laws?

One of the most “innovative” ideas from Judaism is that every single person can receive a share in the Olam HaBah. That is, if they commit to looking for Hashem and fulfilling the Mitzvot incumbent on all humanity.

The Torah, in which is contained Hashem’s code of laws for the Jewish people and humanity as a whole never orders to kill non-Jews or convert them (proselytize), contrary to many other religions which seem to take these “rights” for granted.

In fact, it teaches that people are to be educated in what is called the “Seven Noahide Laws”. Rav Chaim Vital in Sha’arei Kedusha writes in section 1 chapter 5 that a Jew must love non-Jews as well.

So, you may be wondering, what are the Seven Noahide Laws?

The Story

In the days of Noah, morality had degenerated to a very low level.

Displeased with Creation, Hashem sent a massive flood that cleansed the Earth of the extreme wickedness and immorality prevalent. However, Noah, his sons, and their wives survived inside an Ark that also contained a pair of each animal.

They would later be charged with the duty of rebuilding civilization anew and, after the flood was over, received a set of Seven Laws that would be binding upon all mankind.

Noahide Laws for non-Jews

Hashem promised not to send a flood to kill humanity again, but at the same time made clear what would happen to those who “tested” Him when it came to moral absolutes. This is something many seem to have forgotten: there are inviolable divine principles that assure the good spiritual and physical functioning of society and the spiritual worlds..

Therefore, in order to ensure that mankind wouldn’t degenerate into the dismal state that it was before the flood, Hashem gave Noah the seven most fundamental Laws called Noahide Laws. These are the bare minimum humanity needs to comply with so as to ensure order and peace, not only on a physical level but also on a collective spiritual level.

These Noahide Laws contain the most basic tenets to ensure the basic maintenance of a healthy and moral society and are to be pursued by everyone seeking Hashem and His truth.

Below are the Seven Noahide Laws

While they might sound like a small matter, each of these laws branch into many details and directives that are derived from them.

Below are the Seven Noahide Laws:

  1. The prohibition against idolatry (Not to deny Hashem)
  2. The prohibition against blaspheming Hashem
  3. The prohibition against sexual immorality (includes homosexuality, bestiality, adultery and necrophilia)
  4. The prohibition of murder
  5. The prohibition of theft
  6. The obligation to establish fair courts of justice
  7. The prohibition to eat the limb from a live animal

An in-depth discussion of these laws is outside the scope of this post (but I might make a post about them later).

However, for those interested in knowing more about them there are a few honest and high-quality sources to look into. Just be careful with libelous, fake sites that promote stupidity and hate along the sea of Google.

Below are the 3 of the most authentic and trustworthy sources you can find:


Concluding remarks

Following these laws is a sacred duty for every non-Jew. These laws are obviously included into the 613 Mitzvot Jews already have.

Yet, Jews were never tasked with forcing them to be accepted, but only to educate.

Rachmana Liba Ba’ei (“Hashem desires the heart”), and nothing is more praiseworthy than the elevation achieved by one’s own free will provide one is really honest about it and not try to “cheat the system”. The Noahides (those who accept the seven laws) have a special place in Olam HaBah, and a huge merit. They are called “Bnei Noach” in Hebrew which means “Sons of Noach”, like the ones who were spared from the flood on account of their righteousness.

However, don’t be deceived: it might seem an “easy” and trivial task because they are only “seven” of them. Following them is no small or easy task. Moreover, as was written before, the Noahide Laws are also divided into many complimentary laws included in them. These make up the basis for all spiritual ascension of non-Jews.

After the basic is reached, more can be added later. It should be noted that these laws are not an end in themselves, but as a means of gaining greater and greater perception of Hashem and transforming one’s life for the better.

Rabbi Moshe Weiner wrote an excellent book called “The Divine Code”, expounding those laws and it can be found at Amazon, here. The book is very easy to read and very well explained.

Again, non-Jews have never been forced to follow these laws (though they are imperatives set forth by Hashem).

Yet, one can only find blessings in implementing and internalizing them in his/her life.

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Chaim Apsan

Chaim is a teacher and Kabbalah enthusiast. He loves helping Jews connect with true Torah teaching and enhancing their spiritual growth. With a focus on meditation, he guides individuals on transformative journeys of prayer, contemplation, and connection with Hashem. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and kids, and is committed to sharing the wisdom and power of Kabbalah in a genuine way.

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