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Short Guide To The 10 Sephirot – Keter (Crown), The Supernal Will

The first Sephira, Keter (lit. “crown” in Hebrew) represents the highest, and first, point of divine manifestation. The mystical Tree of Life diagram of 10 Sephirot form the basis for…

Deep Dive Into The Dangerous Interplay Between Dinim (Judgments) And The Sitra Achra

There’s a fundamental misconception that the Sitra Achra (“the other side”, i.e. evil) has independent existence By “independent existence”, I don’t mean that the Sitra Achra can go against Hashem’s…

The Mystery Of The Ancient City Of Atlantis – A Historical Exploration On The Famous Enigma

The city of Atlantis first emerges from the dialogues of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, specifically in “Timaeus” and “Critias,” written around 360 BCE. In these texts, Plato describes Atlantis…

“Daas Torah” And The Insidious Illusion Of Rational Judaism Explained – The Supremacy Of The Wisdom Of Jewish Sages

For the record, I’m not against “rationality” or “daas Torah”, but I think these two terms need to be clarified because there is a lot of deception surrounding them Let’s…

Sources Of A Lifespan Of 120 Years – The Awesome Oasis Of Transcendence

We hear accounts of people in ancient times with the long lifespan of 120. What happened that nowadays this is rarely achievable? This is a much longer discussion than we…

Continuation On Fake Rabbis – The Fake Mekubal Baal Shem Tov of London

Based on our previous article on fake rabbis, we will today delve into what makes a real Mekubal based on an unlikely story that might surprise you. As mentioned here,…

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