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How Much Is The Biblical Money Worth? – A Study Into Economics of Ancient Times

So many Mitzvot depend on money that it is almost impossible to understand the Torah fully without knowing the story of biblical money. Here we will scratch the surface of…

The Great Work Of Sefirat HaOmer – The Preparation For Shavuot

Sefirat HaOmer is traditionally seen as a time for personal refinement, with each day maked by a specific combination of the Sefirot (divine emanations). There are a lot of misconceptions…

Comprehensive Study On The Art And Science Of Gematria And The Kabbalistic Meaning Behind God’s Holy Names

Kabbalah is full of Gematria, the study behind the numerical value of words and verses It is a fascinating intersection of mathematics, language, and spirituality, offering insights that extend far…

Sparks Of Light Webinar #7 – The Kabbalah Of Money

Let’s explore in this article the concept of Kabbalah of money Freely transcribed: Whether we like it or not, money is a crucial part of our lives. It is said…

Kabbalistic Pessach Seder – Discovering The 15 Steps Of Redemption And Healing The World

The Pessach Seder offers a fascinating model for different Kabbalistic concepts which we will explore here. Pessach is a glorious night, which even the most distant Jew joins to celebrate…

The Power Of The Mazal – What Is The Torah’s Position On Lotteries?

The Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 179:1) forbids lotteries by conclusively stating: “One should not inquire from stargazers and not through lotteries.” This ruling is based on Tosafot (Shabbat 156a) who writes, “Lots and star­gazing are one…

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